Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I finished my Magic Ride Carousel. It took awhile, not because it's difficult but, because too many other things can get in the way. I really enjoyed the challenge of making a new piece of bead work. I have plans on making another one. I have two lovely granddaughters who will love having one of these beauties. The base for this one is in pink and my next one will be in purple. Eteiol I hope I made you proud. Ladynblkdiamonds!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Magic Roundabout/Carousel!

Well, let me tell you, this has been an interesting project so far. The pattern is in French and since I do not speak the language I needed Google to translate for me. The Carousel is made using #11 seed beads and the Peyote Stitch. I have just started the translation for the bottom portion and the roof for the carousel. I know that it will take me a few weeks to accomplish that. Check back and leave a comment. Happy Beading, Ladybeadress!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Today I' am gathering  my materials to start the magic roundabout. Below is a picture of the finished piece. I'm so excited to make this beautiful piece, one for each of my little granddaughters. They are so precious, like diamonds in the ruff, and they love, love beautiful things. My plan, I hope is to take photos of my progress. Please come back and see how I'm doing. If you'd like to do this project, here's the blog you can go to, There is still time to join. Happy Beading, Ladybeadress!

Monday, March 12, 2012

I've sign on to do this bead along. It's called The Magic Roundabout. I love trying new things. This lady has a beautiful web-site.  Visit her at  and take the ride. The picture shows  the piece we will be making. Come on ladies, join this project.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


BEADED BUGS!  I created these for my sweet grandson, who loves bugs. He had to name them. Top left we have Speckled Spider, next to him is Rudy the Scorpion, Wiggles the Centipede and  poky the Caterpillar. My little man is such a hammmmmmmmm Designer, Ladybeadress!


This Bracelet is Designed using a Peyote Stitch. The bracelet center section is made with 11/0 seed beads one half inch wide. Peridot Green Bugles beads  line the peyote strip. Swaroski  4mm Padpara  Crystals bring the bugles together creating this fun pattern. Designer, Ladybeadress!


 The Peyote and Netting Stitch were used to create these bracelets. Incorporating Netting between rows of the Peyote sections add texture, interest and depth to the design. Swaroski  4mm crystals are added between peyote sections to complete the design. Notice the Bronze and Olive Green pattern. It shows a slight difference in the designs. So may ways to create this beauty, just use your imagination. Kathy King is the designer of this pattern and it can be found in Beadwork Magazine, August/Sept. 2006. Ladybeadress!


Designed using size 11/0 triangle beads and size 11/0 silver lined medium purple seed beads. The three sections are beaded  individually and determines the width of your creation. Purple Velvet 4mm Swaroski Crystals are used to weave each section together with 15/0 light lavander  seed beads. A snap closer and 6mm crystals finishes this bracelet. Designer Ladybeadress!


This flexible bracelet adds grace and glamour to any ensemble. The bracelet has a flat bottom surface, preventing this beauty from turning over on your wrist. A core is made using 8/0 seed beads and flexible beading wire to help stabilize the core. The crystals are suspended between a zigzagging line of 4mm black crystals and size 11/0 gold seed beads creating an elegant embellishment.  The Designer of this pattern is Brenda Mac Lellan . The pattern can be found in Bead and Button Magazine 2007. Ladybeadress!


This Russian Spiral Bracelet does not have a core bead in it's design. It's created using 8/0 Hex Beads in two colors and 11/0 seed beads in a color of your choice, brings this Russian Spiral together. I used metallic hex green and metallic dark blue beads, with sliver blue 11/0 seed beads to create mine. Regardless of your choice of beads, this bracelet has plenty of spunk. The pattern came from a beading group I belong too. More then one designer for this pattern and any popular beading magazine would have a pattern.Ladybeadress!


   The Spiral Rope Bracelet is characterized by flashy loops swirling around a hidden core. Using size 8/0 seed beads for the core and size 11/0 seed beads in  two colors creates this spiral. The different styles that can be achieved are endless. Your look can be chunky or dainty. In my opinion there is more then one designer for the spiral. Two name just one would be unfair. Beadwork magazine and Bead and Button magazine are two popular beading books. Patterns can be found in one of their many issues. Ladybeadress!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


A Ndebele Stitch Cuff made using triangle beads This is made with shiny triangle's. I've also used matte and shiny to give the piece texture and interest. The Colorblock Cuff has been a favorite of mine and every time I make it, it is a hit. The cuff can be made using as many as twenty-four colored sections or less colors as shown in this cuff. The Designers name is Perie Brown. I came across this pattern on the website, The pattern can be purchased from them. This is another favorite piece. I made several for family and friends and in many different colors. All were very pretty. Ladybeadress!


WOW! This is a beauty. The necklace is soft and textural looking. You will hardly know your wearing this beautiful piece, it's so soft. The core of the necklace is made using the Raw Stitch, also known as Right Angle Weave, and #8 seed beads.. Number 11 seed beads are used in lenght of twenty seed beads and slipping your needle in the lower #1 core bead and, exiting out of that bead and entering the fourth core bead, going left to right  through too the #2 bead in the core and exiting out of #2 and looping the strands to pick up #5 left to right entering #3 bead. This is done the full length of the necklace on both sides. I've explained a little about the necklace because I do not know the designers name or where this pattern can be found. Right Angle Weave Stitch takes practise and I would suggest you use size 8 seed bead before trying size 11 or smaller. Ladybeadress!   


,Designers name for this pattern is Jenna Colyar-Cooper.Using her design I recreated this bracelet which I'll call Basket Weave because of the weaving technique used to make the bracelet. The colors I chose are, Silver Lined Dark Turquoise Green, Antique Gold, Silver Lined Spruce Green, Silver Lined Plum and Light Turquoise.  The bracelet is made using the Even Count Flat Peyote and size #11 Seed Beads. Using one color to make each strip, they are then woven together. The Peyote Stitch is easy to learn. The pattern is not for beginners. I wear this bracelet often and receive many compliments when I do. You can find the pattern in Step by Step Bead Magazine, May/June of 2009. Ladybeadress!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


 To your left is the Bracelet I Designed using 4mm Swarovski Crystals, antique findings and fine flex wire. Each colored crystal represents the path our lives take. There are seven different colors of crystals. The first 4mm AB White Crystal is for Birth,(life begins) second 4mm AB Siam Crystal is Love, third 4mm AB Crystal LT. Rose, is Marriage, the fourth 4mm AB Crystal Jonquil is Family, fifth 4mm AB Crystal is Purple Velvet, Grandeur/Grandparents, the sixth 4mm AB Crystal  is Jet Black, Change/Death and the seventh 4mm AB Crystal is Peridot for Eternity. This is a simple stringing pattern that anyone can make using the materials of there choice. Designer,Ladybeadress!