Sunday, January 15, 2012


,Designers name for this pattern is Jenna Colyar-Cooper.Using her design I recreated this bracelet which I'll call Basket Weave because of the weaving technique used to make the bracelet. The colors I chose are, Silver Lined Dark Turquoise Green, Antique Gold, Silver Lined Spruce Green, Silver Lined Plum and Light Turquoise.  The bracelet is made using the Even Count Flat Peyote and size #11 Seed Beads. Using one color to make each strip, they are then woven together. The Peyote Stitch is easy to learn. The pattern is not for beginners. I wear this bracelet often and receive many compliments when I do. You can find the pattern in Step by Step Bead Magazine, May/June of 2009. Ladybeadress!