Sunday, January 15, 2012


WOW! This is a beauty. The necklace is soft and textural looking. You will hardly know your wearing this beautiful piece, it's so soft. The core of the necklace is made using the Raw Stitch, also known as Right Angle Weave, and #8 seed beads.. Number 11 seed beads are used in lenght of twenty seed beads and slipping your needle in the lower #1 core bead and, exiting out of that bead and entering the fourth core bead, going left to right  through too the #2 bead in the core and exiting out of #2 and looping the strands to pick up #5 left to right entering #3 bead. This is done the full length of the necklace on both sides. I've explained a little about the necklace because I do not know the designers name or where this pattern can be found. Right Angle Weave Stitch takes practise and I would suggest you use size 8 seed bead before trying size 11 or smaller. Ladybeadress!