Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I finished my Magic Ride Carousel. It took awhile, not because it's difficult but, because too many other things can get in the way. I really enjoyed the challenge of making a new piece of bead work. I have plans on making another one. I have two lovely granddaughters who will love having one of these beauties. The base for this one is in pink and my next one will be in purple. Etoile, I hope I made you proud. Ladybeadress!


  1. I linke very much, thank you to make it...can i share the picture to put on my blog and add to the others? thank you for your response ( by mail)

  2. Hi!!
    I have given you an award in my blog!
    One kiss

  3. very very nice!! ^_^ I'm your new follower too...if you want visit my blog ;) there is a candy for the birthday of my blog. on 06/10/2012 I will communicate the winner based on bingo results of that day ;) .....I hope I was clear enough .. I'm not very good with English :D ...kissss ^_^

  4. of course bingo results in Italy ^_^

  5. Of Course Ladybeadress! I enjoy to your share.........If you want, there is a play on my site I Tesori di Etoile, you can read all here:

    Have a nice day!